Обложка книги Adobe InDesign CS2 Official JavaScript Reference

Adobe InDesign CS2 Official JavaScript Reference

ISBN: 0321409698;
Издательство: Adobe Press
Страниц: 920

Book Description Do you spend too much time doing repetitive production tasks such as placing and replacing images, correcting errors in text, cutting and pasting, and preparing files for printing, instead of being creative? Do you use Adobe InDesign CS2 and have a strong working knowledge of JavaScript? Then you're in luck. Since Adobe Creative Suite 2 was created with built-in support for scripting, virtually every repetitive or time-consuming task that creative professionals have to do in InDesign can be streamlined or automated with the help of a script. This book describes how to use JavaScript to manipulate and extend Adobe InDesign within Adobe Creative Suite 2, and provides reference information for the JavaScript objects, properties, and functions defined by Adobe's applications, as well as the various utilities and tools that are part of ExtendScript, Adobe ‘s own implementation of JavaScript. This scripting reference provides the information you need to...

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