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D. D. Chamberlin, Don Chamberlin

A Complete Guide to DB2 Universal Database

Обложка книги A Complete Guide to DB2 Universal Database

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ISBN: 1558604820, 9781558604827
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 816
DB2 Universal Database (UDB) supports many different types of applications, on many different kinds of data, in many different software and hardware environments. This book provides a complete guide to DB2 UDB Version 5 in all its aspects, including the interfaces that support end users, application developers, and database administrators. It is complementary to the IBM product documentation, providing a clear and informal explanation of how the features of DB2 were intended to be used. It is an extensive revision of the author's earlier book, Using the New DB2: IBM's Object-Relational Database System . * Offers complete and self-contained information, and does not assume prior knowledge of DB2, SQL, or relational database concepts * Covers elementary principles of database management as well as the advanced features of UDB, including recursive queries, constraints, triggers, user-defined datatypes, stored procedures, parallel databases, and graphical...