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Brian W. Kelly

AS/400 Data Warehousing: The Complete Guide to Implementation

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ISBN: 1883884373
Издательство: Midrange Computing
There are no off-the-shelf solutions and no ready-made tools that will allow you to convert operational data into meaningful, strategic information. You must fundamentally restructure your data, (create a data warehouse), before Query can do the jobit was designed to do. This book shows you how. It offers a product-independent, do-it-yourself guide to restructuring databases for successful end-user access. Believing that "successful end-user access projects are build as applications, not afterthoughts," author Brian Kelly starts by first presenting issues and objectives. He goes on to spell out exactly how to design/restructure databases. Don't fall behind by waiting for a "killer" query product that is never going to come. Find out how to deliver the goods to management by building your own data warehouse!
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