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Stephen L. Nelson, David B. Maguiness

Ask the Expert: Guide to Microsoft Money 2001

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ISBN: 0-9672981-2-1
Издательство: Redmond Technology Press
Страниц: 254
PRACTICAL ANSWERS FROM EXPERTS Microsoft Money 2001 may be simple enough to use if all you want to do is keep a checkbook. But if you want to do more, things quickly become complicated. And that's when the "Ask the Expert Guide to Microsoft Money 2001" helps. Written by true experts, the "Ask the Expert Guide to Microsoft Money 2001" provides easy-to-understand but expert help for people who want to use Money to better manage their financial affairs, more prudently manage their investments, and even more easily run a small business. Arranged in a question-and-answer format, the book supplies practical answers to all of the most common questions about Microsoft Money.