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Clickstream Data Warehousing

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ISBN: 0471083771; 9780471083771;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 480

The first, step-by-step guide to building Web-enabled data warehouses The Web can be an incredibly rich source of customer data, and right now companies across industry sectors are hustling to get up and running with data warehouses capable of capturing the clickstream data from their Web sites. This allows companies to track exactly where a customer is going, or "clicking to," on their site in order to gain meaningful information about that customer's preferences. Following Ralph Kimball's The Data Webhouse Toolkit (0-471-37680-9) where he provides the blueprint, Clickstream Data Warehousing fills developers in on all the technical details that go into building a Web-enabled data warehouse. The authors review all key architectural and design issues that developers need to masterfully build a Webhouse using examples to illustrate key points. Companion Web site features code examples from the book and links to related Web sites.

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