Обложка книги Data Warehousing and the As/400

Data Warehousing and the As/400

ISBN: 1882419634;
Издательство: 29th Street Press

Can you readily identify your most profitable customers? Are your factories producing the optimal mix of products? Should you increase inventory levels in particular stores or regions? Can you identify trends in time to act upon them? If you have to stop and think about the answers to these questions, or most of your answers are "No," then you need this book. The information required to effectively address these and other critical issues is probably already in your corporate database. However, withouta data warehouse, you stand little chance of gaining timely access to it. Unlike traditional applications that process the daily workflow of an organization, data warehouses are designed specifically to support decision-making. The results? Better decisions are made in less time, which can lead to greater customer satisfaction and higher profits. In this book, Scott Steinacher takes an in-depth look at data-warehousing components, concepts, and terminology. After laying this...