Обложка книги Domino and the As/400: Installation and Configuration (Redbook)

Domino and the As/400: Installation and Configuration (Redbook)

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ISBN: 1583040528;
Издательство: Independent Publishers Group

With the introduction of our Red Book Techn ical 29th Street Press strives to continue to improve on a good thing by r eissuing classic AS/400 Redbook content in and impartial langu age. Red Book Technical Press also incorporates additional content from sources like NEWS/400 Magazine to enhance the value of the books to the IBM AS/400 audience. Domino and the AS/400 details all the necessary information about how to imple ment Lotus Domino on the AS/400. It guides you through the installation and configuration step-by-step. It also helps prepare you for a backup and recovery plan for saving and restoring Domino data on the AS/400 system. This book covers Version 4, Release 6 of Domino for AS/400 and is perfect for anyone who needs an in-depth understanding of how to implement Domino in an AS/400 environ ment.