Обложка книги Excel 97 Simplified®

Excel 97 Simplified®

ISBN: 0764560220;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Excel 97 is the most feature-packed, easiest-to-use version of Microsoft's top-selling spreadsheet program yet. Even so, new users as well as longtime users face a steep learning curve on the way to taking full advantage of all the program has to offer. That's where Excel 97 Simplified comes in. Thanks to the work of the renowned illustrators of maranGraphics, the book shows you how to use Excel 97's most basic and most powerful features -- where to click, what to drag and drop, and what tohighlight. Concise, step-by-step captions guide you through the essentials of entering and editing data and saving, opening, and printing worksheets and workbooks. Then, Excel 97 Simplified lives up to its name as it reveals how to enter formulas and functions, take advantage of Excel's built-in AutoCalculate capability, format professional-looking worksheets, generate charts and add graphics, and even use Excel as a database program and transform spreadsheets into HTML Web...

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