Обложка книги Ivan the Fool

Ivan the Fool

ISBN: 978-5-7172-0077-6;
Издательство: Glas Глас
Страниц: 416

This masterly and extremely readable survey covering folk superstitions and customs, house and nature spirits, pagan gods, Christianization, saints, icons, the Schism, Old Believers, religious sects and the characters and symbolism in Russian fairy tales could be called Origin of the Russian Psyche. Most everything the Russians have ever believed in -and much of what they believe in still - is in this book. Inspired by the folk belief Sinyavsky encountered first on his many trips to the Russian North in the 1950s and later on in prison camp, Ivan the Fool is a superb, detailed and engaging account of Russian folk culture from before the era of Christianization to the present. Anyone with a serious interest in Russia and/or Russian literature will want to own this book. Издание на английском языке.

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