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Sanjiv Purba, Bharat Shah

How to Manage a Successful Software Project: With Microsoft(r) Project 2000, 2nd Edition

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ISBN: 0471393398, 9780471393399
Издательство: Wiley
The best techniques and guidelines to deliver IT projects on schedule and within budget With all the pitfalls and cost overruns that can cause a software project to come in late and over budget, managers must know the best practices in the field and how to implement them. This comprehensive guide provides you with all the tools you'll need to deliver successful IT projects, including proven techniques, guidelines, and checklists. The hands-on tutorial will teach you how to implement these techniques using Microsoft Project 2000. Armed with this book, you'll be able to build software that meets user requirements. Inside, you'll find a survival framework that shows you how to achieve the best possible results with your project. the framework presents all the methods, tools, and approaches for you to consider when implementing projects. You will also be introduced to the Iterative Project Development Methodology (IPDM), which you can use on a broad range of projects, including n-tier...