Обложка книги iSeries and AS/400 Programmer's Guide to Cool Things

iSeries and AS/400 Programmer's Guide to Cool Things

ISBN: 1583470174;
Издательство: MC Press, LLC

Bored with the same old look for the same old programs in the same old RPG? Consider this book your guide to "cool things" that you can program on the iSeries and AS/400. OS/400 may be one of the most reliable platforms available for business users, but face it, the same old green-screen applications are boring. It's time to change all that with techniques that can completely revitalize the look and feel of your applications! This book shows you how to use some unique techniques to give a whole new face to your iSeries and AS/400 applications. To start off, you'll get a suite of techniques you can use with your green-screen programs: Query Manager/400, advanced display DDS functions, user-defined ILE functions, and Advanced Function Printing. SectionII gives you tools that you can use to give your PC client applications and interfaces more function and usability with ADO, OLE DB, and FTP. And finally, you'll dive into the world of the Internt in Section III to explore the...