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Jack Fox

Accounting and Recordkeeping Made Easy for the Self-Employed

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ISBN: 0471032174, 9780471032175
Издательство: Wiley
If you're one of the country's 20.5 million self-employed businesspeople, here's some news you simply can't afford to ignore . . . Each year, thousands of hardworking people watch their dreams of successful self-employment go up in smoke because ofpoor paper management. That's right, one of the main reasons why so many businesses fold nowadays is because their owners never learned how to properly manage their paperwork or keep accurate financial records. Now there's a way to guarantee that your business doesn't get plowed under by an avalanche of complicated paperwork or hurt by inconsistent financial recordkeeping. It's Accounting and Recordkeeping Made Easy for the Self-Employed. In this new guide written just for the self-employed, business consultant and renowned seminar leader Jack Fox, shows you how to painlessly—and inexpensively—set up and maintain easy-to-follow recordkeeping and accounting systems in your business, whether it's service or...
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