Обложка книги Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy Kit

Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy Kit

ISBN: 0793160448;
Издательство: Dearborn Trade, a Kaplan Professional Company

Recent economic downturns has transformed the American dream of owning a business into a virtual nightmare for many American business owners who are experiencing serious financial troubles. Filled with strategies, explanations, forms, worksheets, andacomprehensive glossary of terms, The Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy Kit offers help and provides business owners with the hope to save their company. Too often business owners who are in financial trouble are not familiar with the variety of options that exist for saving their company. Refusing to face facts and waiting to select the best option could be costly. In the Business Turnaround and Bankruptcy Kit nationally renowned bankruptcy attorney, John Ventura offers advice about which option to select, whether it be Chapter 7 turnaround/workout (liquidation) or Chapter 11 bankruptcy(reorganization). Ventura also provides valuable information and tools for owners of small to medium-sized businesses looking...