Обложка книги Essential Finance Series: Investing Basics

Essential Finance Series: Investing Basics

ISBN: 0789463156;
Издательство: Dorling Kindersley Publishing

Make smart decisions without being an expert. Learning to invest intelligently can be easier than you think. Building a solid foundation of key investing concepts shouldn't take hours of reading. In Investing Basics, the information is organized intoshort, clear explanations to help you make sense of the crucial details. This book explains the most important concepts, breaks them down into manageable parts, and provides the insights and tools to use your money to its fullest potential while managingthe risks. Smart tips help you avoid the pitfalls and take advantage of the opportunities. Taking a clear, concise approach to money management, the Dorling Kindersley Essential Finance Series provides a practical and impartial resource to guide you through important financial decisions. Useful questionnaires pinpoint one's financial status while easy-to-use charts and graphs help track cash flow. Cut through the complexities of financial lingo and gain the confidence needed to build...

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