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Donald E. Vaughn

Financial Planning for the Entrepreneur

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ISBN: 0133629066
Издательство: Pearson Education POD
Provides a practical, problem-solving approach to the finances of entrepreneurs and small businesses by presenting common financial problems and their solutions. Financial Planning for the Entrepreneur provides a bridge between entrepreneur and small business management & marketing and finance through a review of the 12 problem areas in financial management. These are presented through questions and thought-provoking problems at the beginning of the book. The book also presents 18 popular business and industry profiles covering several important areas not covered in the SBA "start-up" series. This gives readers the feel of having the necessary background about a prospective firm before developing a business plan.Finally, realistic case studies are provided for each of the 12 problem areas and focus on each of the 18 industries presented in the book. This gives readers an opportunity to apply the mechanics of solving a financial problem to a...