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Cary Reich

Financier: The Biography of Andre Meyer: A Story of Money, Power, and the Reshaping of American Business

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ISBN: 0471247413
Издательство: Wiley
Fortune magazine deemed him "the most important investment banker in the Western world." A ferociously energetic, charming, and ruthless businessman, he had, by the age of forty, helped save the foundering auto giant Citroen, established France's first consumer finance company, and been awarded the Legion of Honor. He was a trusted adviser of the Kennedys and an intimate of Lyndon Johnson, William Paley, and Katharine Graham. His numerous business accomplishments included the building or revitalizing of such corporate giants as Avis, Holiday Inns, Warner-Lambert, and Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals. One of the world's savviest individual investors, he amassed a personal fortune of well over $200 million, yet to his dying day never gave up the search for the ultimate buck. Andre Meyer, "The Picasso of Banking," was all this—and much more. A man of seemingly endless contradictions, he was respected and admired by many, scorned and disliked by many others. In this...
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