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Clark Howard, Mark Meltzer

Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich from America's Money-Saving Expert

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ISBN: 078688777X
Издательство: Hyperion
Suze Orman meets the Tightwad Gazette in this book from America's leading money-saving expert. What are the 3 secrets to building long-term wealth? What are the 5 things that no one thinks of before buying a home? How can you save up to 40% on the car of your dreams? How can you get long distance telephone service for almost nothing? Clark Howard answers all these questions and many more in Get Clark Smart . With practical tips and on-line resources, Howard helps readers to get rich by saving money in unexpected places and investing those savings creatively. Howard has a passion for saving money and a zealot's enthusiasm for sharing everything he's learned. His strategies for getting rich by saving wisely will turnreaders into financial wizards.