Обложка книги How To Get Started In Electronic Day Trading

How To Get Started In Electronic Day Trading

ISBN: 0071380493;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade

The national business bestseller "Nassar has in mind sophisticated real-time data and computer programs that let ordinary investors see the same stock information pro traders see at the very same moment . . . a great introduction." ­­Kiplinger's Personal Finance "Reveals important tips and tactics for novices. . . . offers surprising and educational insights on how to 'buy and sell' on the same computer networks as brokers like Goldman Sachs." ABCnews.com "This book takes you to the leading edge of today's electronic trading technology. Regardless of the prevailing market sentiment­­bull, bear, or sideways­­its techniques and strategies will help you take advantage of the profit opportunities that occur every trading day." ­­Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities