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Robert H. Fuller

Jubilee Jim: From Circus Traveler to Wall Street Rogue: The Remarkable Life Of Colonel James Fisk, Jr. (Legends of Commerce)

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ISBN: 1587990873
Издательство: Thomson Texere
Money, speculation and the birth of the US railways. Love, corruption and murder. The life and death of Colonel James Fisk Jr. is a remarkable tale. From his humble beginnings in small-town America of the 1830s and 40s until the time of his death in scandalous circumstances at the age of 37 he had risen to become one of the most notorious and colorful characters in the history of Wall Street. Throughout his flamboyant personal life, Jubilee Jim faced great danger during the Civil War, in the protection of his railway interests and during New York riots of 1871 and in his business career periods of intense excitement such as in his ongoing rivalry with such giants of American business history as Daniel Drew and Cornelius Vanderbilt and in his exploits with Jay Gould during the infamous Black Friday gold scandal. In addition, he also found time to try his hand as a peddler, circus showman, a Civil War profiteer, an adulterous lover, a theatre impresario, a shipping magnate ... and...