Обложка книги Love and Money: A Life Guide to Financial Success

Love and Money: A Life Guide to Financial Success

ISBN: 0471476587; 9780471476580;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 256

"The financial decisions we make in our lives are sometimes not the easiest to discuss but have long-lasting effects. [Opdyke?s advice] has opened the door in my relationship to conversations that were a long time coming." ?Josh, regularreader of Opdyke?s "Love & Money" column, Florida Real answers to real questions about money and relationships: I have too much debt and my credit isn?t very good. How can I fix my financial problems? And how do I break thenews to my boyfriend? How do I teach my kids the value of money, when my parents shower them with expensive gifts? My wife makes more money than I do, does that give her a greater voice in our financial decisions? Are we still equal? How much should I give my child in allowance? And will it really help him learn the value of a dollar? We want to have our first baby, but we don?t know if we can afford it yet. How much money do we...