Обложка книги Making the Most of Your Money

Making the Most of Your Money

ISBN: 0684811766;
Издательство: Simon & Schuster

This classic book of solid and practical financial advice has been completely refocused to address new tax laws, new ways of paying for higher education, new forms of health insurance, and the completely new investment climate. As a financial planning tool, the original Making the Most of Your Money predicted a change in America's priorities?away from an obsession with spending and toward a desire to save and invest. The book also foresaw an environment dominated by falling inflation and interest rates. That call was right on the money. The new edition sees yet another shift in financial energies -- a fresh round of serious borrowing, as the boomers start sending kids to college; a desire to save for retirement fast; and an obsession with keeping safe the profits that have already been made. Investing is getting more complex, as more financial products and services come to market and as traditional guideposts change. More than ever, investors need a clear path...