Обложка книги Merton Miller on Derivatives (Wiley Investment S.)

Merton Miller on Derivatives (Wiley Investment S.)

ISBN: 0471183407; 9780471183402;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 240

A rare opportunity to go one-on-one with an industry giant and one of today's most respected financial thinkers, Merton Miller on Derivatives is a refreshingly accessible overview of derivatives, the revolution they have wrought, and the disasters they've supposedly caused. Though routinely assailed by regulators and the media, derivatives are hailed by a celebrated group of practitioners, analysts, and theorists, led most notably by Nobel laureate Merton Miller. Miller is legendary for repeatedly demonstrating—often with humor and always with grace—the value of derivatives in price discovery, managing financial risk, and tailoring a risk-return profile. Here, in this collection of his recent essays, Miller expounds on a number ofcritical derivatives issues. Is it a problem that some organizations have lost substantial sums on derivatives? Miller's short answer: Some organizations will always find ways to lose money. Nor does he believe that more government...