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Jake Bernstein

Momentum Stock Selection: Using The Momentum Method For Maximum Profits

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ISBN: 0071376771
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
Proven techniques to improve market-timing accuracy Written by internationally recognized trader, author, and researcher Jake Bernstein, Momentum Stock Selection details a method of combining market momentum with innovative risk management to dramatically increase profitable opportunities for both short- and long-term traders. After briefly defining market timing and market momentum, Bernstein heads directly to the heart of the book­­how any trader can use momentum to increase trading effectiveness. Employing numerous real-life examples and illustrations to explain key points, he gives the reader inside details on: How to choose the right time period for charting Red flags that point out when a signal is wrong A five-step method for determining momentum-divergence patterns An actual "walk-through" of a momentum-divergence signal as it develops