Обложка книги Not-for-Profit Accounting, Tax, and Reporting Requirements

Not-for-Profit Accounting, Tax, and Reporting Requirements

ISBN: 0471453161;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

What every not-for-profit must know about accounting, tax, and reporting requirements The accounting principles, tax issues, reporting requirements, and general work environment for not-for-profit organizations are remarkably different from those affecting commercial organizations. As a result, the task of keeping up with current financial and disclosure requirements, already daunting, can become even more so. Combining the proven guidance of the previous, bestselling edition with all of the latestregulatory information, Edward McMillan delivers a one-stop reporting resource for not-for-profits in Not-For-Profit Accounting, Tax, and Reporting Requirements. McMillan?s step-by-step guide helps not-for-profits apply for tax-exempt status,handle IRS audits, set up a wholly owned taxable subsidiary, anticipate tax implications of lobbying expenses, and perform a host of other functions. This completely revised and expanded edition includes three all-new chapters,...