Обложка книги Policymaking in Japan:  Defining the Role of Politicians

Policymaking in Japan: Defining the Role of Politicians

ISBN: 4889070621;
Издательство: Japan Center for International Exchange

The struggle between politicians and bureaucrats for control over public policy decision making is an important feature of politics in all advanced democratic political systems. It has a particular intensity in Japan, especially now with the bureaucracy under attack for its policy failures and its resistance to reform and with the political party system going through a period of fundamental change. Japan is in the midst of the search for a new framework for policymaking, a search that involves not only the relationship between politicians and bureaucrats but that between the Prime Minister's Office and the governing party organizations, the role of Diet committees, and the issue of staff support for politicians, parties, and the prime minister and cabinet. Following an overview written by volume editor Gerald L. Curtis, this book offers the perspective of six politicians from the Liberal Democratic, Democratic, and New Komeito parties who represent a new generation of politicians...