Обложка книги Principles of Finance

Principles of Finance


ISBN: 003034509X;
Издательство: South-Western College Pub

The first course in finance for finance and business majors has traditionally focused solely on managerial (or corporate) finance. Now, many schools are indicating a need to introduce these students - particularly the non-finance business majors - to the other two major components of finance - institutions and investments - in this first course but at the same level of rigor as traditional financial management texts. With Principles of Finance, Second Edition, Scott Besley and Gene Brigham begin with a discussion of the principles of financial systems and business organizations, move on to valuation concepts and corporate decision making (managerial finance). They conclude with coverage of investment fundamentals. Key chapters may be covered in a one-term course or supplemented with cases and outside readings for a two-term course. Chapters are written in a flexible, modular format, allowing instructors to cover the material in their favorite sequence.

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