Обложка книги Quicken 2003 for Dummies

Quicken 2003 for Dummies

ISBN: 0764516663; 9780764516665;
Издательство: For Dummies
Страниц: 384

You don’t have to be a technogeek or financial wizard to manage your financial affairs on a PC. You have other things to do, places to go, and people to meet. And that’s where Quicken 2003 For Dummies comes in. This financial referenceguide can help you manage your finances – personal or business – like a pro. Quicken 2003 For Dummies is for people who want to pay bills, track investments, and calculate interest with the click of a mouse. And if you’re pulling out your hair out because you’re using Quicken in a business, postpone the hair-pulling – this guide helps with payroll, taxes, receivables and payables, and more. This handy guide is also for anyone who wants to Upgrade from an older version of Quicken Manage home mortgages Invest online Set up an online brokerage account Produce an accurate balance sheet Track customer...

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