Обложка книги Single Stock Futures: An Investor's Guide

Single Stock Futures: An Investor's Guide

ISBN: 0471267627;
Издательство: Wiley

Everything you need to know about Single Stock Futures "Single stock futures are an incredibly important new financial instrument for managing risk. Kennedy Mitchell provides an outstanding and easy-to-read explanation of these new products for either an expert futures user or for someone learning about futures markets for the first time." ?Peter Borish, Senior Managing Director, OneChicago Although single stock futures may be a relatively new phenomenon in the United States, thisinstrument has been successfully traded for years in various overseas markets?leaving you, the individual and professional investor, to play catch-up. Exactly what are single stock futures? They are futures contracts, within the futures universe, that have shares of listed public companies as their underlying asset. In Single Stock Futures: An Investor?s Guide, author Kennedy Mitchell introduces you to single stock futures, explains how they function, and...