Обложка книги Smart Things to Know About, Business Finance

Smart Things to Know About, Business Finance

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ISBN: 1841120383; 9781841120386;
Издательство: Capstone Pub

Solid financial management is at the heart of every successful business but even the smartest managers can find financial measurements difficult to understand. The world of accountants and the jargon of financial control can be baffling to the most experienced managers. But if you?re smart you can get the Finance Director working on your side. Then watch your career take off! Do you want to know enough about finance to be able to get the most from your finance people? Is it high time you were able to make sense of the financial pages? Do you need to understand company reports, whether your own or those of your suppliers or customers? Would it help you to shine if your understood the financial side of investment appraisal? Will youneed to understand how external finance is attracted into a project or business? If the answer to any of these questions is ?yes? then you need Smart Things to Know About Business Finance. Ken Langdon and Alan Bonham...