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Raymond L. Manganelli, Brian W. Hagen

Solving the Corporate Value Enigma: A System to Unlock Shareholder Value

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ISBN: 0814406920, 9780814406922
Издательство: American Management Association
Why is it that the average business captures less than 20 percent of its potential? Why is this underperformance so pervasive, and what's keeping these organizations from truly maximizing their shareholder value? Based on extensive research and featuring case studies, tools, and practical techniques, this practical handbook explains how all strategic decisions must be considered from four closely integrated perspectives: that of the business model, the company's portfolio of holdings, its financialstructure, and the efficiency and efficacy of its management and operations. The book presents a step-by-step methodology for implementing a Value Structure System, enabling readers to identify, create, and capture the maximum value of their company bysynchronizing the different essential components. Readers will learn how to: * Use a single value measure throughout all decision making * Immediately execute their own Value Structure Optimization (VSO) program * Perform...