Обложка книги Takeover


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ISBN: 0471492221;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Praise for Takeover ?Takeover is both a gripping read and informative. Step by step, we are led through the drama of a contested bid ? and see all the skills, action and emotion that lie behind the headlines. The story shows the human cost of the world of business ? and the sacrifices that are made to reach and stay at the top. Winner takes all in the City ? but it is not always clear who are the winners and who are really the losers.? Peter Harris, Group Managing Director, Lex Service plc ?A gripping tale of the intrigue and passions involved in a hostile takeover. Surely, compulsory reading for those fascinated by how the City goes about bringing unwilling parties to the table.? Sir Malcolm Bates, Chairman, Pearl Group plc ?The boardroom is a private place and as such is often described unrealistically in novels. Most boardroom situations when transferred to television look like Coronation Street in suits. Takeover is a racy novel...