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Bill Toohey, Mary Toohey

The Average Family's Guide to Financial Freedom How You can Save a Small Fortune on a Modest Income

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ISBN: 0471352284, 9780471352280
Издательство: Wiley
Like most average American heads-of-household, Bill and Mary Toohey found themselves increasingly stressed by their financial responsibilities, with no real job security, their standard of living in constant jeopardy, and little promise of ever having enough time for their children or each other. The realization that their familys financial future was entirely dependent on benevolent employers, a lifetime of full-time work, and the fate of social security was a disheartening condition they wanted to change?quickly. Unlike most Americans, in eight short years, the Tooheys managed to save nearly half of their modest annual income?and add almost half a million dollars to their net worth. They now have enough money to cover most expenses for the rest of their lives?even if they never earn another paycheck. With a daughter headed for college and a son with costly health problems, do the Tooheys claim this was easy? No. But it was doable. And it can be for you, too. Named...