Обложка книги The Business Owner's Guide to Personal Finance

The Business Owner's Guide to Personal Finance

ISBN: 1576600254; 9781576600252;
Издательство: Bloomberg Press
Страниц: 304

The personal financial needs of business owners are like no one else's. No other book so expertly addresses the hundreds of details unique to an entrepreneur's financial life, where business and individual needs are intertwined. Add a host of interviews and insights from business owners who have been there?and you have a comprehensive guide to prosperity for entrepreneurs, on both the personal and professional levels. With the expertise and conversational tone that characterize her earlier writings,Jill Fraser, the finance editor at Inc. magazine, shows entrepreneurs how to weigh their families' financial needs against those of the business. She explains how and when to diversify investments away from the company, when to start saving for retirement, and how to set up a company and personal retirement plan. She also explains how to get yourself and your company out of debt and how to reduce the amount you spend on taxes and loans. This is the essential personal finance book for...