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Charles W. Mulford, Eugene E. Comiskey, Charles W. Mulford, Eugene E. Comiskey

The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices

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ISBN: 0471370088
Издательство: Wiley
Praise for The Financial Numbers Game "So much for the notion ?those who can, do?those who can?t, teach.? Mulford and Comiskey function successfully both as college professors and real-world financial mercenaries. These guys know their balance sheets. The Financial Numbers Game should serve as a survival manual for both serious individual investors and industry pros who study and act upon the interpretation of financial statements. This unique blend of battle-earned scholarship and quality writing is a must-read/must-have reference for serious financial statement analysis." ??Bob Acker, Editor/Publisher, The Acker Letter "Wall Street?s unforgiving attention to quarterly earnings presents ever increasing pressure on CFOs to manage earnings and expectations. The Financial Numbers Game provides a clear explanation of the ways in which management can stretch, bend, and break accounting rules to reach the desired bottom line. This arms...
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