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Hildy Richelson, Stan Richelson

The Money-Making Guide to Bonds: Straightforward Strategies for Picking the Right Bonds and Bond Funds

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ISBN: 1576601226, 9781576601228
Издательство: Bloomberg Press
Год издания: 2002
Страниц: 304
"A clear and comprehensive road map for the novice and professional investor alike. This book is required reading for those who want to take charge of their financial destiny." -John B. Brynjolfsson, Manager, PIMCO Real Return Bond Fund You've heard the advice of experts year after year to minimize risk by diversifying into bonds. But bonds can be a lucrative, as well as a safe, investment, particularly when the stock market takes a nose-dive. However, no single source of easily accessible information has been available that uniformly describes bonds, compares their relative strengths and drawbacks, and tells how to select and profit from buying them?until now. Registered investment advisers Hildy and Stan Richelson have written The Money-Making Guide to Bonds to serve as the authoritative, yet user-friendly, resource on the subject. Over 35 different types of bonds and 20 types of bond funds are described, highlighting the specific advantages, risks, and tax implications...