Обложка книги The Stock Market Course

The Stock Market Course

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ISBN: 0471393150; 9780471393153;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 464

Praise for The Stock Market Course "An essential guide for anyone who wants to avoid getting burned in the stock market. This book tells you how to make money and how not to lose it. Risk management is something that institutional investors have long employed to limit their losses and boost their long-term gains. This book explains risk thoughtfully and enjoyably."?Michael Molinski, Mutual Funds Editor and International Editor, CBSMarketWatch "An excellent book that explains all of thecritical factors that affect your investments. Comprehensively discusses how to analyze companies and markets. The simple descriptions paired with valuable online resources allow the reader to obtain critical information for making investing decisions. With the breadth of this coverage, you can?t help but learn something new!"?Victoria Vestal, Yahoo! Finance "Fontanills and Gentile have written the comprehensive stock market book?stuff you want to know now, stuff...