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James A. Knight

Value Based Management: Developing a Systematic Approach to Creating Shareholder Value

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ISBN: 0786311339
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Trade
Value Based Management brushes aside the often-confusing amalgam of quick-fix management potions, and gives you tested tips and strategies designed to turn your company into an equity-enhancing machine. This long-awaited book describes how, once you have seen and tried the hundreds of different management theories that abound today, one goal will always remain: Enhancing Shareholder Value. Companies that focus on creating and building value become focused, goal-oriented, and successful at building the powerful business machines that are required in todayOs give-no-quarter competitive environment. Performance measurement consultant James A. KnightOs eye-opening book provides convincing proof that strategies designed to maximize shareholder value can benefit everyone involved. With its clear-cut diagrams, explanations, and case histories, Value Based Management demonstrates how every decision your management team makes can consistently create shareholder value. Its...