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Bruce C. N. Greenwald, Judd Kahn, Paul D. Sonkin, Michael van Biema

Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond

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ISBN: 0471381985, 9780471381983
Издательство: Wiley
From the "guru to Wall Street?s gurus" comes a guide to one of the most profitable and enduring investment disciplines "A must-read for all disciples of value investing. In 1934, Graham and Dodd created fundamental security analysis. Greenwaldreinforces the worth of this approach, incorporates new advances, and takes their work into the 21st century." ?Mario J. Gabelli, Chairman, Gabelli Asset Management, Inc. Value investing is the one school that has proven itself consistently profitable over time. Practitioners of the value approach have produced excellent returns for investors in both good and bad markets. Recognized nationwide for his expertise on the subject of value investing, Bruce Greenwald?s classes and seminars have been attended by some of the savviest investors on Wall Street. Value Investing presents the fundamental concepts of the discipline and illustrates its practical applications in a manner accessible to anyone with a serious...