Обложка книги Valuing Accounting Practices

Valuing Accounting Practices


ISBN: 0471172243; 9780471172246;
Издательство: Wiley

In-depth coverage of the valuation of accounting practices and of partial ownerships in those practices Fundamental concepts and approaches related to accounting practices Illustrative income approach valuation methods Illustrative market approach valuation methods Illustrative asset-based approach valuation methods Preparing the overall accounting practice valuation synthesis and conclusion Identification and quantification of accounting practice valuation discounts and premiums, and other special topics related to the valuation of partial ownership interests Special topics related to the valuation of accounting practices Reporting the results of the accounting practice appraisal This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of accounting firm valuation, from determining the circumstances in which the procedure should be undertaken to compliance with standards for reporting valuation results. It provides a solid conceptual and...