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GAAP Implementation Guide

ISBN: 0471455695; 9780471455691;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Book DescriptionThe most practical, authoritative guide to implementing GAAP Until now, accountants have had no guidance for what controls, policies, procedures, forms, reports, or archiving requirements they should use to properly mesh with the latest GAAP. An ideal companion volume to the Wiley GAAP guide, the GAAP Implementation Guide provides the practical application information essential to ensuring that a company's accounting systems are fully capable of incorporating the most recent GAAP. GAAP Implementation Guide features handy, illustrative decision trees showing how to determine which GAAP ruling to use in a variety of situations, eliminating hours of time wading through detailed GAAP rulings. Other helpful, timesaving features include: * A concise version of the more detailed GAAP found in the Wiley GAAP guides * Specific accounting policies that comply with GAAP, especially in terms of creating controls that mesh with GAAP * The most...