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Zambia: Public Expenditure Management and Financial Accountability Review (World Bank Country Study) (World Bank Country Study)

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ISBN: 082135924X
Издательство: World Bank Publications
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionAccording to the authors of Zambia, poverty is on the rise in the country, its economy is not growing fast enough, the quality of economic governance is on the decline, and its public resources are not well spent. Addressing the longstanding challenges that Zambia faces in public expenditure management will require strong political will. In order to assure that public accountability is enduring and not dependent on the government which happens to be in power, it must strengthen budget processes and institutions that can provide public oversight and promote basic checks and balances. This country study provides an analysis of how Zambia can strengthen budgetary processes and institutions for accountability and effective service delivery to its citizens. It?s specific objectives are to: (a) provide comprehensive and integrated assessment of the country?s overall fiduciary risk ? budget management, financial systems and auditing, and public...