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Joseph Robert Zapoli

How to Succeed in the Restaurant Business : Crunching Numbers--Now That?s the Bottom Line!

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ISBN: 0595351670
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Год издания: 2005
Book Description ?Its drilled into any restaurateurs head its all about the food and it is, but without cashflow the kitchen lights go out quick. Joey explains the bottomline of the financial side of the business helping entrepreneurs make good profits with good food.? Creed Ford CEO Fired Up Inc. " A great tool for someone new to the industry as well as experienced operators who want to know how restaurant accounting really works. "?Larry Lavine (Founder of Chili?s), President, Turtle Creek Restaurants ?A great read for any one ?moving up? in the food and beverage business. A must read for veteran managers.??E. Gene Street, Chairman of the Board, Consolidated Restaurant Operations, INC. "Great insight from a great operator. Zapoli takes the mystery out of making money and does so in a clear and convincing way. This read can make a real difference to anyone planning a career in the restaurant...