Обложка книги Payroll : A Guide to Running an Efficient Department

Payroll : A Guide to Running an Efficient Department

ISBN: 0471702234;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Book DescriptionThis book will help anyone who is responsible for a payroll department to manage payroll functions with the maximum efficiency and within compliance requirements. It will demonstrate the optimal methods for the basic functions of payroll through to year end and management. Proposed chapters include: Part One Basic Functions of the Payroll Department 1. Time Records, 2. Form W-4, 3. New Hires, 4. Errors and Corrections, 5. Tax Deposits and Reporting, 6. Garnishments Part Two Staffing the Payroll Department 7. Creating a First Rate Payroll Department, 8. Managing the Staff, 9. Staff Motivation and Morale, 10. Working with Human Resources and other Departments Part Three Management Issues 11. Customer Service, 12. Fraud, 13. Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, 14. Handling Department of Labor Audits, 15. Compliance Issues, 16. Research Needs Part Four Benefits and the Payroll Department 17. Should Payroll...