Обложка книги The Manager and the Internal Auditor : Partners for Profit

The Manager and the Internal Auditor : Partners for Profit


ISBN: 0471961175; 9780471961178;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Managers need auditors. There are more risks in running an organization than ever before ? whether it be in the public, private or non-profit sector. With the break-up of the state sector, the ambiguous intermediary role of ?not for profit organizations, and turbulence in the marketplace through mergers, acquisitions and divestments, the seeds are sown for chaos and a culture in which fraud can flourish. Notorious corporate collapses such as BCCI, Maxwell Communications Corporation and Barings are cases in point. An updated and revised version of the auditing classic The Manager and The Modern Internal Auditor, first published in 1979, this new book highlights the necessity of establishing internal control in organizations and illustrates how internal audit can be a highly effective means to avoid corporate disaster. The authors present a proven formula for organizational success through the joint workings of managers and internal auditors as partners for profit, growth and...