Обложка книги Managing Cash Flow: An Operational Focus

Managing Cash Flow: An Operational Focus


ISBN: 0471228095;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 352

The fixation on flashy industries like telecommunications, information technology, and financial services in the go-go nineties went hand-in-hand with a fixation on flashy valuation standards-revenue increases, reported profits, earnings per share, and price-earnings ratios. Like the headline-grabbing industries that spectacularly imploded, their popular accounting measures gradually proved to be as much smoke and mirrors as they were real dollars and cents. In Managing Cash Flow, Rob Reider and Peter Heyler return to the bedrock foundations of business, eschewing paper profits and nebulous numbers to concentrate on the vital functions that actually produce cash and keep organizations afloat. The authors' forceful guide approaches cash management with an operational focus, endeavoring to maintain companies in the most economical, efficient, and effective manner possible. Given the legitimate room for interpretation, "profit" is as much a product of the accountant's imagination as...