Обложка книги The Definitive Guide to Managing the Numbers

The Definitive Guide to Managing the Numbers

ISBN: 0273661035; 966-8644-74-3;
Издательство: Financial Times Prentice Hall

Book DescriptionIn The Definitive Guide to Managing the Numbers , Stutely explains how the CFOthinks (and how to deal with financial executives); then demonstrates how you, or anymanager, can use those numbers for better analysis and decision-making. Next,he dives into the financial expert's toolbox, introducing spreadsheet software,financial calculators, and fundamental techniques of financial analysis. In thechapters that follow, Stutely puts the numbers to work, showing you how to makesuccessfulsales forecasts, project capital outlays, forecast and control costs,create effective budgets, and account for projects. You will learn how tobuild (and make sense of) a balance sheet; control cash flow; analyzeprofitability; and consolidate budgets and financial statements from multiplecontributors to finally see the big picture. Along the way, Stutely illuminatestechniques like ROI, NPV, IRR, activity-based costing, and more. Heconcludes with a full chapter on what to do when things...

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