Обложка книги Financial/Managerial Accounting

Financial/Managerial Accounting


ISBN: 0131568779;
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Страниц: 1424

For Principles of Accounting courses that use a 50/50 split The Demo Docs System of instruction replicates the classroom experience by providing more a??I get ita?? moments outside of class. We’ve talked to tons of POA instructors and our editors have even taken the accounting course (numerous times!) to figure out the following issue in this course that is consistent: Students understand (or a??get ita??) right after you do a problem in class, but as soon as they leave class, with each passing hour, their ability to do the problems again and complete their homework diminishes to the point of them either having to come to office hours to get help, or they just quit and get behind in the course. On top of this, you can end up getting behind in the course as well, in order to keep everyone on track. The Demo Docs system helps to recreate the a??I get ita?? moments outside of class–keeping both you and the students on track.