Обложка книги International Financial and Managerial Accounting

International Financial and Managerial Accounting

ISBN: 1567204163;
Издательство: Quorum Books

There are linkages, ramifications, conditions, and demands made by the global economy on domestic as well as multinational firms--and executives must be aware of all of them. One way is through the medium of accounting information and the special way it reflects the realities of international business. Providing this crucial information is the task of accounting executives and their staffs worldwide. Dr. Riahi-Belkaoui sees it as a distinctly new type of information that applies to external and international users of all kinds, operating in different nations and cultures. He identifies the various issues and problems that are most critical to the efficient management of multinational firms, provides practical solutions to international accounting problems, and with his focus on normative as well as descriptive solutions, helps confer on international accounting the status of a legitimate multidisciplinary inquiry.

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