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Using Treaties And Holding Companies for Latin American Tax Planning

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ISBN: 1893323706
Издательство: Worldtrade Executive, Inc.
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionNew from the editors of Practical Latin American Tax Strategies Tax planners need to be keenly aware of the impact of tax treaties as they consider structuring a firm's business in Latin America. For example, advisers are increasinglyrecommending the use of Europe for investments into Latin America, not only from a holding company perspective, but also from a financing and royalty stream perspective. Within Europe, the one jurisdiction that probably is the most attractive for treaty planning is Spain. Other jurisdictions include Netherlands, Luxembourg and possibly Denmark. To help firms navigate treaty planning, WorldTrade Executive has just published a new special report Using Treaties and Holding Companies for Latin American Tax Planning. The report details planning opportunities for: - Argentina - Brazil - The Caribbean - Chile - Colombia - Mexico - Venezuela There are also detailed reports on the use of holding companies based in Europe and...