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William Rotch, Brandt R. Allen, C. Ray Smith

Cases in Management Accounting and Control Systems (3rd Edition)

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ISBN: 0131031287
Издательство: Pearson Education
This collection of cases challenges readers to diagnose a situation, lend order to a somewhat unstructured picture, and then to apply useful analytical frameworks to deal with the issues. It includes a variety of cases that range in length from one page to ten pages. Readers can select cases that match their own objectives. Offers three different levels of case complexity. In Level I the problem is well defined and the specific technique to be applied in clear. In Level II the problem is well defined but the appropriate choice of analytical techniques is less clear. In Level III the cases provide no clear signals about what techniques to use and often require several analytical approaches. These cases come close to the complexities of real-life situations, and many of them describe actual situations. This book also features cases with special objectives and unusual types of cases. There is also a section of control systems, which...
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